Friday, November 29, 2019

RILEM Technical Committees

Cluster A. Cluster A : Material Processing and Characterization (Convener: Daman PANESAR)
260-RSC : Recommendations for use of superabsorbent polymers in concrete construction
261-CCF : Creep behavior in Cracked Sections of Fiber Reinforced Concrete
266-MRP : Measuring Rheological Properties of Cement-based Materials
267-TRM : Tests for reactivity of supplementary cementitious materials
275-HDB : Hygrothermal behaviour and Durability of Bio-aggregate based building materials
276-DFC : Digital fabrication with cement-based materials
282-CCL : Calcined Clays as Supplementary Cementitious Materials
AMC : Use of Agro-Based Materials as Cementitious Additions in Concrete and Cement-Based Materials
CEC : Controlled expansion of concrete by adding MgO-based expansive agents taking the combined influence of composition and size of concrete elements into consideration

Cluster B. Transport and Deterioration Mechanisms (Convener: Esperanza MENENDEZ MENDEZ)
262-SCI : Characteristics of the steel/concrete interface and their effect on initiation of chloride-induced reinforcement corrosion
281-CCC : Carbonation of concrete with supplementary cementitious materials
283-CAM : Chloride transport in alkali-activated materials
FTC : Durability and Service Life of Concrete under the Influence of Freeze-Thaw Cycles combined with Chloride Penetration
GDP: Test Methods for Gas Diffusion in Porous Media
TMS: Test method for concrete durability under combined role of sulphate and chloride ions

Cluster C. Structural Performance and Design (Convener: Giovanni PLIZZARI)
256-SPF : Spalling of concrete due to fire: testing and modelling
269-IAM : Damage Assessment in Consideration of Repair/ Retrofit-Recovery in Concrete and Masonry Structures by Means of Innovative NDT
273-RAC : Structural behaviour and innovation of recycled aggregate concrete
CCS : Early age and long-term crack width analysis in RC Structures
IEC: Impact and Explosion
MCC : Mechanical Characterization and Structural design of Textile Reinforced Concrete
MPA : Mechanical properties of alkali-activated concrete

Cluster D. Service Life and Environmental Impact Assessment (Convener: Alexandra BERTRON)
258-AAA : Avoiding alkali aggregate reactions in concrete - Performance based concept
270-CIM : Benchmarking Chloride Ingress Models on Real-life Case Studies: Theory and Practice
CCH : Stress Corrosion Cracking and Hydrogen Embrittlement of Concrete-Reinforcing Steels
DCM : Long-term durability of structural concretes in marine exposure conditions
SHE : Self-healing concrete – Its efficiency and evaluation

Cluster E. Masonry, Timber and Cultural Heritage (Convener: Enrico SASSONI)
271-ASC : Accelerated laboratory test for the assessment of the durability of materials with respect to salt crystallization
274-TCE : Testing and characterisation of earth-based building materials and elements
277-LHS : Specifications for testing and evaluation of lime-based repair materials for historic Structures
IMC : Durability of Inorganic Matrix Composites used for Strengthening of Masonry Constructions

Cluster F. Bituminous Materials and Polymers (Convener: Michael WISTUBA)
264-RAP : Asphalt Pavement Recycling
272-PIM : Phase and Interphase behaviour of bituminous Materials
278-CHA : Crack-Healing of Asphalt Pavement Materials
279-WMR : Valorisation of Waste and Secondary Materials for Roads
280-CBE : Multiphase characterisation of cold bitumen emulsion materials

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